Fantastic Satisfaction
7 years ago

S1E10 – Like Lead Into The Sea – Part 2

Reunited and it feels so good. With the crew back together, it's time to figure out where they are and how they can get out of it. What could possibly go wrong? Kimulo goes for the ear. Ralmevik gets to forget. Rudo emulates his idol. -

7 years ago

S1E11 – Like Lead Into The Sea – Part 3

Welcome to the new feed! Please excuse all the weird cuts because oh boy were there some technical issues with this one. Regular style fishmen are abound as the group tries to find any way they can out of this predicament. Rudo goes by speed.

7 years ago

S1E12 – Like Lead Into The Sea – Part 4

The team is off the plank and dives deeper in the search for the captain's treasure. Good stuff is usually in undersea caverns, right? It's probably better than what's waiting above the surface. Rudo joins a new crew. Ralmevik is scared to death.

7 years ago

S1E13 – Like Lead Into The Sea – Part 5

Aim true, aim high. The pirate battle rages on with our magnificent three stuck in the middle. Sure would be a good time for all that foreshadowing to pay off! Ralmevik makes a dramatic entrance. Kimulo gets buffed. Rudo leaves something behind. -

7 years ago

S1E14 – Rudo Cherrywine – Corazon de Campeones

The crew is back on dry land and everything is terrible. Sounds like a good time for a carnival, right? Nothing like funnel cakes, JNCO jeans, and facing your inner demons that made you run away from your family and past.

6 years ago

S1E15 – Kimulo Nimbus – Follow the Wind

There's nothing like the great outdoors. Fresh air, giant craters created by inter-dimensional monsters, horrible memories of your childhood. At least that cool sentient wind is here to help out! Rudo makes an ill-advised punch.

5 years ago

S1E16 – Finale

Hey, it's Dungeons and Dragons! Your favorite group of idiots have reunited one final time to take down the ancient evil. We may not have remembered a single rule of 5e but that's not gonna stop us from taking down a big monster.

4 years ago

Fantastic Satisfaction Season 2 Preview

Hello once again to the "geek's and gamer's" out there. I regret to inform you that Fantastic Satisfaction has returned. Rather than D&D 5e, for this season we're trying out Dungeon World! In this (barely edited) little preview episode,

4 years ago

S2E1 – The C.R.E.W. – Part 1

Before the ball drops on the new year, let's get Fantastically Satisfied. Our novice heroes begin their newest adventure in fine fashion, which mostly involves waiting for hours at a government agency. Lysa takes a tumble. LNRD be on that scroll.

4 years ago

S2E2 – The C.R.E.W. – Part 2

The geneus council is in session. How many different ways have you tried to use a camera without having a camera? Our three friends may have an answer. Some gnomes may be sacrificed in the process. Lysa hotfoots it on out of here.