Fantastic Satisfaction
8 years ago

S1E1 – Women in Black – Part 1

The world was begging for more D&D podcasts, so here we are. The Brotherhood Without Manners have dug into a bit higher (420) fantasy and started a game of D&D 5th Edition. The players are: - Eddy - Dungeon Master - Producer Kim - Kimulo Nimbus,

7 years ago

S1E2 – Women in Black – Part 2

The Brotherhood Without Manners are forced into completing a quest for a guy whose name is definitely not a joke. What's the name of the gang again? Ask the guy knocked out under the bar. This episode brought to you by Billy Joel. The players are: -

7 years ago

S1E3 – A Dinner to Die For – Part 1

With one task behind them, another, fancier occasion awaits. There's also some shopping and the introduction of the first Fan Favorite Character. Kimulo names a special friend. Rudo calls top bunk. Ral loves water. - The players are: -

7 years ago

S1E4 – A Dinner to Die For – Part 2

The party has begun! The group tries their very best to not be too strange at this party of eccentrics. What's that dead guy doing on the floor? Kimulo explains science. Rudo misses his friend. Ral has possession of the Chaos Emeralds. -

7 years ago

S1E5 – A Dinner to Die For – Part 3

Murder! But Whodunnit? I mean, it's gotta be one of the people with names. I bet it was that strong guy. Kimulo learns the magical properties of silver. Rudo summons a long lost love. Ral rolls The Impossible Dice. - The players are: -

7 years ago

S1E6 – Into the Wild – Part 1

Out of the party and into the tree town! That's how the saying goes, right? The Fantastics barely get a chance to rest, because science and huge death spikes exist. Special guest appearance from our Something Went Wrong Music! Kimulo learns anatomy.

7 years ago

S1E7 – Into the Wild – Part 2

Into the big tree we go! It's a great fun adventure with friendship and nothing bad ever happens. The next fan favorite character is here. You're welcome. Kimulo makes a Grick trap. Rudo finds a son. Ralmevik has no healing spells. -

7 years ago

S1E8 – Into the Wild – Part 3

As the Notorious B.I.G. once said, "Mo Spiders Mo Problems." Except for Larry. That guy is cool. Hey, remember those earthquake things? Plot happens! Kimulo takes out her longbow. Rudo breaks the sound barrier. Ralmevik cries and kills himself. -

7 years ago

Fantastic Satisfaction Holiday Special: How Wilbur Merrymaker Stole Cheerfest

We're taking a quick break from flying though that inter-dimensional death portal, and settling down to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday, Cheerfest. What's Mr. Merrymaker bringing you this year? Probably death! Kimulo wants a little man's suit.

7 years ago

S1E9 – Like Lead Into The Sea – Part 1

Hey, remember this show? With all that weird holiday stuff behind them, the crew gets back to more pressing matters, such as flying through that portal. Of course it doesn't go well. If only some type of magic could reunite them!